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Cannaflower CBD Review – CBD School

by Hempdaily

The category of CBD flower is beginning to get a foothold within the industry as more and more hemp farms begin to pop up throughout the US. While the CBD category used to be somewhat of an afterthought, where brands would offer a CBD cigarette or CBD flower strain within their product line, now brands are using the category to launch themselves, and then use it as the backbone of their business.

One such brand is Cannaflower, a brand that is using high-quality design aesthetics to connect with younger CBD enthusiasts.

The brand is located in the North-East part of the US in New England and used to go by the name Berkshire CBD until changing it to Cannaflower in late 2020.

Looking for a fully vertical integrated CBD brand? Well, Cannaflower may be right for you, let’s dig in!

Grown with Organic Practices

Cannaflower wants to own everything that a CBD business can possibly be, farm the crop, create the product line, design the packaging, market the product, and grow with organic practices!

What does this mean, however?

Well, it means that Cannaflower takes the term organic seriously, and this is only beneficial for the consumer.

The brand knows who they are, and what lane they want to play in. That means they are happy to be a small, connoisseur CBD brand that you surely will see a social media feed of beautiful people, holding and smoking beautifully positioned CBD cigarettes or packages (I’m talking strikingly fabulous packaging) filled with the some of the best CBD flower in the industry.

And to be honest, I’m completely fine with all of this.

The reason is that this CBD brand practices what they preach.

Organic farming isn’t the easiest method many of the time, but it is the right method all of the time. You have to possess very patient energy, which no doubt is transferred to the hemp crop and CBD products.

It starts with verifying that the land the hemp is being grown on hasn’t been exposed to prohibitive substances for three years prior to the initial harvest.

When the hemp crop is growing you aren’t able to use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which becomes a little difficult if your crop gets an infestation which potentially can ruin your entire crop.

An example of organic pest control is unleashing many, many ladybugs which help keep mites at bay.

Cannaflower believes, with good reason, that organic hemp has a higher potency, it smells better, tastes better, smokes better, and creates better CBD products. This is why the brand puts their heart and soul behind every element that they touch. It creates better energy, which in turn everyone appreciates and builds off of.

Cannaflower CBD Products

It should be stated that Cannaflower has a website that makes it very easy to either find what you have the intention of purchasing, or discovering a yummy new treat that you will love after trying. It should go without stating, but when a brand takes the time to understand the UX (user experience) that the consumer needs developed to have an easy discovery and shopping experience, the brand should receive kudos.

Products range from CBD flower, with many options to choose from, to hand crafted tosin pressed gummies. Let’s get to the Cannaflower’s product line!

Cannaflower CBD Flower

Cannaflower’s staple, CBD flower, is top-shelf premium-quality CBD flower. Whether you are grabbing their indoor or outdoor, or greenhouse CBD flower, it is slow-cured for 90-days! This gives you a fresh and tasty smoke when you light it up, which is very much appreciated.

The prices you will find for their products is not the lowest in the industry, however, far from tops in the industry, and with the quality you receive vs a slight bump in price, you’re making a wise decision splurging slightly.

When your surfing, looking for what makes sense for you, the information Cannaflower provides you with whether the strain is Sativa, Hybrid, or Indica which would be the CBD strain for sleep if you had any insomnia issues.

Cannaflower goes further than any brand CBD School has seen with giving the consumer a pretty in-depth Cannabinoid breakdown of the CBD flower products. This includes the percentage of THCa, CBG, CBC, CBD, and a few oither Cannabinoids found within the CBD strain.

You can grab as little as 1g up to a full ounce. They also offer collections that allow you to taste a few CBD strains that target certain ailments, like “Downtime” that are meant to assist with aches and pains, and “Energized and Creative”, that helps shake off some unwanted anxiety. The packaging you receive is discreet, and it’s legal!

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Cannaflower CBD Pre Rolls

Similar to Cannaflower CBD flower, their CBD pre-rolls selection is nice and tight. Offering you strains like Sour Space Candy, Bubba Kush, to a Hawaiin Haze, that has a 14.2% CBDa profile. Many of the CBD pre roll packs match up with CBD flower strains that are also availale.

Each pre-roll pack has five finely rolled cigarettes that also includes a filter tip to make it a bit easier to smoke smoothly. Each CBD cigarette has 1g CBD per pre-roll which is enough to share or for you to enjoy solo.

Looking to taste test a bunch of strains prior to buying a tin that has five of one CBD strain? Well, you’re in luck. You can pick yourslef up a pre-roll flight that has four different CBD strains in a flight. If you’d prefer to add some individual CBD pre-rolls, well, they sell those too.

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Cannaflower CBD Gummies

While Cannaflower only, currently, offers two CBD gummies to choose from, they come strong.

The Brambleberry Gummies is a low-THC full-spectrum CBD rosin gummy that provides you with 25g CBD per piece, along with 1g THC, with 10 pieces per bag.

The other natural ingredients that are included are gelatin, sorry vegans, sugar, citric acid, organic hemp extract, and 100% organic blackberry and raspberry juice concentrate. Each piece has 70.70% CBD, as you can find in their cannabinoid breakdown.

The other flavor offered is Mandarin Sour Gummies which has similar ingredients except berries are swapped out for an organic blood orange juice concentrate.

Both bags are created with the Super Sour Space Candy strain. Not to many brands tell you what CBD strain a gummies product is created with, and we appreciate this knowledge.

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Cannaflower CBD Oils

This is the first time we’ve seen CBD tinctures and CBD softgels lumped together, however, considering this is primarily a flower brand I get it, softgels contain CBD oil that is predosed for convenience.

You have one full spectrum CBD softgel option and each bottle has 30 softgels that are each 25mg CBD with 26.4% CBD. Cannaflower labels these as ‘Head’ and ‘Body’.

There are three options that are created with broad-spectrum CBD including one that also has melatonin, and one that has curcumin that has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Cannaflower CBD oil are branded with names that makes it easy to identify which one makes sense for you, like “Lift” which uses MCT oil as its carrier oil. You can also grab a “Joy”, a “Calm”, or a “Rest”, along with a flight that gives you a discount on all four!

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Cannaflower CBD Discovery Boxes

When a brand grows their own, develops their brand and packaging in-house, and believes in their products enough to offer “Discovery Boxes” that reimburse you for $20 of your purchase, you have to feel that the brand is worth trying.

If you purchase the Cannaflower Discovery Box, which is the lowest priced box at $20 and offers you three of their most popular strains to try pretty much for FREE, you got to love it. You receive a $20 gift card that you can use on your next purchase.

It’s a pretty great deal.

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Additional Cannaflower CBD Information

A brand that handles everything, while also keeping the consumer in mind with pretty much everything element of their business and website, of course has the entire experience of purchasing and discovering new CBD products in mind. Below are a few notable ways the brand helps the consumer.

Discreet Packaging

Not everyone is comfortable ordering CBD over the net and receiving a package that has hemp flower. It is legal in most, if not all states, so check your state CBD laws. With that said, Cannaflower sned its packages without any company branding via USPS priority mail.

Third-Party Lab Tested

Discover why having CBD products Third-Party Lab Tested is Important

All brands that are worth their weight in CBD get their products third-party lab tested, and Cannaflower is no different. You know, 100%, that the CBD flower you’ll receive is metal-free, and is what the brand states it is.

Free Shipping and 100% Delivery Guarantee

If your purchase is $75 or more you’ll earn free shipping. If you have any delivery issues, just reach out to Cannaflower and their team will assist, no questions asked.


If you’re looking for a CBD flower brand that pretty much handles everything in-house, that you can believe in, and grow with as they begin to add more products to their line, Cannaflower is a brand worth considering.

From how they view using organic farming practices, to their on-point brand, to the high-quality of their CBD products, Cannaflower CBD is a brand to believe in. We highly recommend checking them out!

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