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Avery Waterproof Oil-Resistant Film Labels – Jars, Oils, 8.5″ x 11″ for Laser or Pigment Printers, 10 Full-Sheet Labels (64506)




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Whether you’re running your own daycare center, landscaping business, mechanic shop, catering business or selling products, Avery waterproof labels are the best choice for creating quality labels that last. Our printable waterproof labels work in harsh conditions because they’re made from polyester film with strong adhesives. They’re oil-resistant, super durable labels that can be even be used outside. Create pallet & shipping labels, FBA labels, identification labels for equipment and daycare labels that won’t be smudged or ruined from sitting in water, greasy hands, oils, rough handling or the weather. Elevate your business with beautifully designed branded labels that stay looking great longer. Need food identification labels for your catering business? How about tough identification labels for landscaping or mechanic shop tools? Our waterproof printable labels are expertly designed from materials to printing process to make your business look good. Choose from hundreds of customizable templates for full sheet labels and custom shapes at Fill your Avery full sheet labels with one large design or specialty labels in any shape you can imagine! Create high-impact, professional-looking CBD labels, essential oils labels and more. 8.5″ x 11″ waterproof full sheet labels are the perfect size for creating specialty shaped labels that are totally unique. Try these printable labels for creating high-end specialty labels for juice, beer, wine and other beverage bottles. Print with confidence from your desktop. Our Print to the Edge feature allows you to create custom labels with text and colors that print all the way to the edge of each label (no extra white border around your design, no need to trim). Sure Feed technology guides each label sheet smoothly through your printer to prevent skewing and jamming. Polyester film labels are designed to be used with laser or pigment-based inkjet printers for waterproof text, colors and designs.

Oil-resistant waterproof labels made from polyester film that doesn’t absorb water, oils and grease like standard paper labels
Easy to personalize with text, colors & logos, Avery printable labels are designed to work with hundreds of customizable templates found on
Durable full sheet labels that resist scratching and tearing so product labels, daycare center labels and other frequently handled projects stay looking great
Smudge-proof, Avery full-sheet labels allow you to create labels with smudge-free text & images when used with laser or pigment-based inkjet printers
Strong adhesive won’t be dissolved by water, CBD & essential oils or grease so your Avery waterproof labels stay securely in place on metal, plastic, painted surfaces, glass & more

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