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Cannabis Infused Drinks: Learn to How to Make Smoothies, Cocktails, Mocktails, Shakes, Teas, Flavored Water with Cannabis, CBD, THC, Marijuana Extracts, Tinctures, Cannabutter & Oils




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Combine cannabis with your favorite cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, shakes, and teas. My book, Cannabis Infused Drinks, will show you how to decarb cannabis, create marijuana additives, and use CBD and THC to make delicious and healthy drink recipes.

My book gives you over 25 unique cannabis drink recipes. Are you looking for an easy high? THC infused smoothies will get you there. Would you like to relieve anxiety and soothe sore muscles? CBD teas can make that happen. I have several recipes any home mixologist will love!

In my first book, Cannabis Candy & Dessert Cookbook: Learn to Decarb, Extract and Make Your Own CBD & THC Infused Candy from Scratch, I introduced readers to the world of cannabis edibles. In my new book about cannabis drinkables, I will teach you all about how to easily incorporate cannabis into your daily life.

My first experience with weed was terrible. When I was a teen, I fool heartedly experimented with smoking a joint. Now, several years later, I have expanded my knowledge on the right and fun way to consume cannabis. My preferred way is with cannabis drinkables. You may have heard of cannabis edibles like pot brownies, but have you tried a pot smoothie? What about a cannabis cocktail? My book will show you how it’s done.

To help you fully benefit from this book, I have divided it into sections. I start by providing very basic information about cannabis. I discourage all my readers from skipping the first sections of the book. It is common for people to skip directly to the recipes without paying much attention to the introductory chapters. It is in your best interest to get everything you need from the book. First, learn about the basic principles that govern the use of cannabis, its benefits, and those who are best suited to use cannabis.

From the introductory section of the book, we move to the second section, which introduces us to cannabis extracts. We look at various ways of preparing cannabis extracts. It is important that you extract CBD and THC from the cannabis so that you can use the extracts to prepare your cannabis drinks. The extracts include tincture, oils, and hash oils, among others. Make sure you try out the extraction process before you jump to the recipes. However, you do not have to try out the extraction process if you do not have access to fresh herbs. If you do not grow cannabis and cannot access cannabis fresh buds, it is advisable to buy cannabis extracts such as oils from a legalized dispensary and use it.

Once we are done with cannabis extracts, we moved on to preparing some cannabis drink additives. In this section, we look at the additives used in cannabis drinks. It is important to prepare these additives in advance so that when it is time to start preparing your drinks, you have all the additives ready. As you have seen from the book, we only use additives in drink recipes. The main additives we use in creating cannabis drinks include cannabutter, cannabis milk, cannabis oil, and cannabis-infused honey.

Once you have finished preparing the additives, start preparing your drinks. Make sure you examine the recipes well so that you get the dosage right.

To help you get your doses right, we have provided a detailed guide on the dosage of both CBD and THC. Follow the dosage guide to ensure that you do not end up overdosing on THC. In case of overdose, make sure you take immediate action in regard to the guidelines provided in the book.

You will learn everything you need to know to craft delicious and healthy cannabis cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, shakes, teas, and flavored waters. Adding cannabis to your diet can be healthy and beneficial – I will teach you how!

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