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Life with a vestibular disorder can often be summed up in two words – debilitating and miserable.  When coupled with the fact that many chronic vestibular conditions do not respond well to treatment, patients are often left with little hope for improvement.  Still, the ongoing misery brought about by symptoms such as imbalance, dizziness, nausea, and/or vertigo can often drive patients to seek non-traditional therapies with the hope that they can obtain some sort of relief from their condition. 

Cannabidiol (CBD) has recently received a surge of attention among patients as a practical treatment option for many medical ailments.  Unfortunately, CBD’s acceptance within the political, medical and scientific realms has not progressed as quickly.   Consequently, scientific research into CBD’s potential benefits has stalled, leaving patients to wade through CBD’s seemingly endless personal stories and anecdotal evidence in order to extract viable treatment information.

In an attempt to help patients sift through the fact from fiction, CBD For the Vestibular Patient was written to provide patients a source of information that they can use to help them not only better understand their own vestibular condition but also make educated decisions about whether CBD may be beneficial for them.  To do this, patients will be exposed to several areas, including:

  • the history and dynamics of cannabis
  • an overview of the main components of the peripheral vestibular system
  • an overview of the endocannabinoid system
  • the dynamics of CBD including safety and side effects, potential drug interactions, common misconceptions, extraction procedures, and delivery options
  • how to critically evaluate the claims you hear about CBD
  • what the research says specific to CBD and several common vestibular disorders

Written by a professor and former researcher who is also afflicted with multiple vestibular disorders himself, CBD for the Vestibular Patient utilizes information derived from over 160 references specific to cannabis, the endocannabinoid and vestibular systems, and CBD, and condenses it into a format that is easily understood.  In better understanding the aspects of CBD and the vestibular system that are contained in this book, patients will have the opportunity to have focused and productive conversations with their healthcare professional about whether CBD is a viable option for them. 

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