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CBD Oil: Getting us high without the high!




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Have you wondered what all the hype is about CBD Oil and its associated products? Does it all seem too confusing to you? Are you slightly wary of trying it? What is Hemp? Will it make you high? Is it the same as marijuana? And, if it is, then what makes it legal and marijuana illegal? Perhaps you are a little bit sceptical of its benefits. With so many companies and products flooding the market, how do you know which is best? What is it that sets them apart? In this book, you will learn: •what CBD is and what it is not, including its legality both in the US and in the UK•the plethora of uses it has – from ADHD to Schizophrenia and everything in between •an explanation in layman’s terms of how it actually works or at least, how we think it works•about the evidence, the scientific studies, research and medical publications that substantiate their findings•how to choose the correct product and dosage for you and your petAre you tired of taking ibuprofen or any other pain relief medication every day of your life? Are you suffering in silence? Then this miracle from nature might just be your answer to chronic pain, dementia, depression, multiple sclerosis, or indeed any other emotional or physical pain that you may be experiencing. This is nature’s gift to you – embrace it with both hands and start living, not just existing. The research so far make us dizzy – in fact, it is getting us high without the high!