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My CBD Money Tree: 6 months to 6 figures




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The greenrush is upon us. Cannabis is the health and wealth opportunity of the century! My CBD Money Tree will give you an incredible education on the history of cannabis, its uses, its laws, and future trends. Renita has discovered a simple path for wealth creation in cannabis. This strategy involves the lowest risk and greatest reward. She explains the best way to capitalize on this life changing plant. The last few years have been an unwinding of the prohibition of cannabis federal and state laws. Many states and countries are capitalizing on this moment while others still linger in confusion and fear.Forbes predicts CBD to move from 600 million in 2018 to 22 billion dollars by 2022. The timing is NOW to become a conscientious capitalist. Thousands are taking part of this health and wealth revolution. Hear dozens of personal stories within this book. People are getting well and wealthy. Is it your turn to create your CBD Money Tree?