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NEOPlex -“CBD Sold Here” 12-Foot Windless Swooper Feather Flag (Flag ONLY)




Price: $21.95
(as of Mar 30,2021 11:18:23 UTC – Details)

This full sleeve “windless” Swooper feather flag is 2 1/2 feet wide x 12 feet tall. When used with the 4-pc windless Swooper feather flag pole, (not included) it is OVER 15 feet high! This flag is constructed from super polyester knit material, and it is colorfast to reduce fading. This flag is heavy-duty enough to last, but light enough to move with the smallest breeze…but with this flag, no wind is necessary. With the “windless” flags, they stay open and readable even when there is no wind. This is very important to keep your message out there and seen. THIS LISTING IS FOR THE FLAG ONLY!!! POLES AND MOUNTS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY!!!

Nearly 2 1/2′ wide x 12′ tall
Super polyester knit material
Heavy duty and colorfast
Full sleeve (windless) design
Poles and mounts sold separately

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