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Sweet Cannabutter Desserts: How to Make & Use Weed Butter, Cannabis Oil, and Tinctures in Sweet Treats THC, CBD, Decarbing, and Hemp Oil Edibles




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CBD, THC, hemp, marijuana, cannabis. Did you know that you can reap the immense health benefits of cannabis in an easy to make edible form? In my book, Sweet Cannabutter Desserts – How to Use Weed Butter, Cannabis Oil, and Tinctures in Sweet Treats, I will teach all about the wonderful world of weed edibles through the ease of cannabis butter (aka, cannabutter).

This book covers four key areas of interest to a person using cannabis. Whether you use cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes, there is something for you in the book. In the first section, we mainly focus on providing general information about cannabis. We deal with the myths and lies that are out there about cannabis. We help you differentiate terms and understand what each term you hear on the streets means. We also help you get the facts about cannabis and its uses.

In the second section of the book, we focus on preparing cannabis/ hemp butter, oil, and tinctures. For any good recipe involving cannabis, you will either use butter, oil, or a tincture. Good cannabis foods are not cooked with raw leaves of flowers. In this section, we provide several recipes for the preparation of these cannabis products. We also provide general information on how to store and preserve them for future use.

In the third section, we introduce you to diverse cannabis dessert recipes from across the world. The book covers over 25 unique cannabis desserts from across the world without being limited to one culture. We look at no-bake desserts, chocolate, candies, pastries, and jellied desserts, among others. The primary purpose of this book is to give you a variety of options to choose from. The wide range of recipes gives you the freedom to select an alternative that works for you and your family. We provide plenty of recipes that can be completed in just a few steps and are ideal for all people, even those who can’t cook.

In the last section of the book, we look at the risks involved in using cannabis products. We also look at precautions that you can take to protect your loved ones from overdosing on the drug. We also look at the possible side effects of cannabis on particular groups of people. The book provides a comprehensive list of people who should not use cannabis and offers guidance on how to deal with situations in case of overdose.

If you are looking for new ways to enjoy cannabis, this book is for you. If you do not enjoy smoking, dabbing, and vaping, but you wish to tap into the health benefits of cannabis, this book is for you. The book offers value for both recreational and medicinal users of cannabis. You do not have to be an expert cook to enjoy the recipes we have provided. These recipes are simple and direct and can be cooked by all people. If you are out there looking for a way to cook new foods, entertain your guests, and have fun in the kitchen, this book is also for you.

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