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In this loving homage to beautiful bud, author Ellen Holland takes you on a journey into the heart of how cannabis is farmed, produced, and appreciated today.

Now that
cannabis is a product easily acquired in storefronts across America, there have been
significant headways in our understanding and appreciation of the botanical.
Weed: A Connoisseur’s Guide steps in to help readers with the
buying and tasting tips they need to find the
perfect puff.

Join Holland as she and other industry experts discuss
cannabis cultivars, their flavors, their effects, and how you can use cannabis in unexpected ways (in
floral displays,
cocktails, as a
wellness practice, and much more). Along the way, you’ll
meet some of the farmers and producers blazing a trail in today’s booming cannabis marketplace and
delve into the science behind the high.

Learn about:

  • Blind tasting cannabis
  • Cannabis cocktails
  • Cannabis dining
  • Cannabis terroir
  • Luxury innovations
  • Weed-focused events
  • Sustainable practices

Find inspiration to
appreciate, protect, and preserve cannabis culture as you learn about how it is grown, its magnificent biodiversity, and the sheer pleasure of enjoying it.

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